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Garlic City Limousine Golf & Shopping Packages

Everyone knows you can find top notch golf courses, unique shopping areas, and great restaurants in the Carmel and Monterey area, but who knew you could combine them all into a single package?  Garlic City Limousine did!  Traditionally, men spend Saturday afternoons golfing with their buddies, while their wives retaliate by going shopping.  Not anymore.  With our LUXURIOUS PARTY BUS, we can accommodate up to 24 people to travel in style and comfort for a combined day of golf, shopping, and dining.

For those in the group who prefer a relaxing day of golf, we will drop them and their bags off at the golf course in time to tee off, and will continue on with the rest of the group to a nearby shopping area.  Parking is often a problem in these popular areas, but not today, as we will provide store to store drop off and pickup, while safely storing your bags in the back.  Once the golfing and shopping are done, everyone will meet up again and be on their way to the dining destination of your choice.  We provide champagne and waters for your charter, and you are welcome to bring along additional beverages of your choice to keep chilled throughout the day.  We also have a 42” TV with DirectTV Satellite, so you can watch the current golf game or other sporting event during your ride. 


Party Bus
(max. 24 passengers)


Price Per

# Hours

Total Amout
(For 9 hours)

Avg. Cost
Per Person

Sun - Fri










* Includes 2 bottles of champagne or sparkling cider and bottled waters

** Average cost per person assumes 24 guests

Our recommended 9 hours consists of approximately 1 1/2 hours for pickup in Gilroy area and drive to Carmel or Monterey, 4 hours of golf or shopping, 2 hours for dining, and 1 ˝ hours for drive back and drop off.  When booking, you can adjust the # of hours based on your choice of destinations and activities.  Pricing is based per hour, and additional time can usually be added at end of charter if desired.


Receive 1 hour FREE when you buy 7 or more hours!

Prices include all taxes, fuel charges, and driver gratuity; Please check web site before booking for up-to-date pricing.

We would like to make your day as enjoyable as possible for you, but unfortunately, there are a few limitations and things we will not be able to do for you.

Regarding your golf game......

  • We CANNOT help you get your ball out of a sand trap.

  • We CANNOT help you blow on the ball and make it fall into the hole.

  • We CANNOT move obstacles which may be in the way of your shot.

  • We CANNOT drive our BUS or LIMO onto the fairway to take you to your ball.

  • We CANNOT help you find your ball if you hit it into the rough.

  • We CANNOT help you get the golf cart out of precarious situations you got it into.

  • We CANNOT help you cheat on your scorecard so you can beat your friends.

  • We CANNOT put on scuba gear to retrieve your ball from the water.

  • We CANNOT make your friends stop laughing at a shot you make.

Regarding your shopping spree...

  • We CANNOT grab an item out of someone else’s hand for you.

  • We CANNOT move the SALE signs in front of the items you want.

  • We CANNOT increase your credit limit on your credit cards for the day.

  • We CANNOT help justify any of your purchases.

  • We CANNOT save your place in line while you continue to shop.

  • We CANNOT pull the fire alarm to clear out the store.

  • We CANNOT negotiate lower prices for you.

  • We CANNOT keep your bags after dropping you back at home so you can pick them up later without your spouse.

We are sorry if these limitations cause any inconvenience for you.


Proms & Formals

Prom night is one of the most exciting nights of a teenager’s life. Make sure your night is one to remember by letting us take care of all the transportation for you.



Sporting Events/Concerts

Going to a sporting event or concert? Why not turn it into a party and let us worry about the parking. Enjoy your favorite beverages in the safety, comfort, and style of either our stretch limo or ultimate party bus.




Your wedding day is a day you will never forget. Let us pamper you on your special day and provide you a unique experience that you will cherish forever.



Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

The bride and groom will always remember the wild fun they had with special friends at their bachelor or bachelorette party. Our party bus is the ultimate party room!




Our Fleet

Pricing / Hourly Rates

Photo Gallery

Contract Forms

Corporate Services


Area Events

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